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7 Innovative Ideas for Your Next Seattle Trade Show

December 06, 2022

The new year is almost upon us, and that’s the traditional start of the trade show season. Many Seattle businesses will start planning their trade show booth months in advance of the event.

The competition is tough—especially in highly competitive industries. Having a memorable and compelling trade show booth will draw in the lion’s share of foot traffic.

Spending money on trade show materials is a given. However, you need to get creative to maximize your ROI and attract as many eyeballs as possible.

Read on to discover seven ways you can differentiate your trade show booth from a sea of competitors:

Go Big(ger)

The inside of a typical convention center is huge. Massively huge. It’s hard to stand out in a physically big area when using smaller signs and graphics on your trade show booth.

Large-scale trade show graphics, such as indoor tradeshow banners, will immediately grab people's attention from the other side of the hall. Be sure to incorporate various design elements that allow people from far away to read your banners legibly.


How well does your brand reflect your company? If you don’t have an immediate and thought-provoking answer to that question, perhaps it’s time to consider a rebrand before your next trade show.

Effective branding strengthens your signage and allows people to identify more closely with your company. It will also enable them to remember your brand the next time they need your products or services.

Low Budgets

If you’re just starting out or have a tight budget, floor graphics are a cost-effective way to spruce up and add some color to your trade show booth. Vinyl decals can stand up to high foot traffic yet won’t mar or scratch the floor beneath. You can also utilize a printed table throw that will turn an ordinary tablecloth into a branded display piece. It will last for many years if you properly wash and store it.

Social Media

Instead of adding your Twitter or Facebook URL to the trade show backdrop, consider promoting your booth months in advance. You can give away free tickets or a free strategy session to promote interest. If social media marketing isn’t your thing, you can always hire an expert to help drum up interest.


Regardless of your budget—what will make your trade show booth stand out from a sea of competitors?

The right answer to that question will cause people to flock to your booth in droves. For example, it can be something as simple as offering a free cell phone charging station at your booth for both Android and Apple phones and tablets.

People at trade shows are constantly running low on battery juice. Have some signage created that promotes a free 15 or 20-minute recharge that will give them enough battery power to get back to their hotel room.

Don’t forget to leave some strategically-placed trade show materials such as sell sheets or product/service pamphlets nearby.


Take your trade show booth experience to the next level by offering an interactive experience such as VR, AR, or a photo booth. People—especially co-workers—will flock to your booth to take a picture that they can post to their social media accounts. Don’t forget to add your company information (including website and social media handles) to the picture frame!

Go Low Tech

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on all of your trade show booth materials. For example, an intelligently designed A-Frame sign strategically placed right outside your booth can drive massive amounts of foot traffic. Unless you have a degree in signage design, it’s best to let the professionals design it for maximum impact.

If time is a luxury and the venue is nearby, consider getting a vehicle wrap and then parking your car, van, or truck in a strategic location inside the trade show parking lot. It will generate tens of thousands of impressions every single day!

Custom Trade Show Booth Materials Design and Creation in Seattle

It’s critically important to put in a solid effort to ensure that the money you’re spending on your trade show booth materials will pay off immensely. To ensure that you’re getting the most out of your trade show signs, contact the experts at McNamara Signs in Seattle.

At McNamara Signs, we have decades of experience helping Seattle businesses of all sizes design and create trade show signage and materials. Let us help you maximize your ROI and drive new leads and sales through your front door with our wide range of trade show signs and materials.

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