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10 High ROI Marketing Strategies for Seattle Dentists

January 06, 2023

Marketing is a rapidly evolving industry, especially with the ever-increasing importance of digital marketing tools and technologies. It is important for all types of businesses to thoroughly plan their marketing strategies and campaigns—especially dental marketing.

In this article, you will get to know about the top 10 dental marketing strategies that you should implement in 2023, so keep reading!

Make Sure Your Outdoor Signage is On Point

The outdoor signage on the exterior of your building will drive new clients to your dental practice for many years to come. The ROI is tremendous—everyone who drives by your building will see your signage.

It pays to go big when it comes to outdoor signage. The bigger, the better. Architectural signage will make your dental practice a local landmark and will let patients know that they have arrived when they pull up.

Engaging Marketing Campaigns

Most people have become immune to traditional marketing strategies in which the salesperson gets very pushy and encourages the target audience to buy a particular product or service. In 2023, it is important to implement marketing strategies that involve making a genuine connection with the target audience.

Therefore, when you are designing a marketing campaign, you should keep your target audience – the patients – in mind and tell them how you can help them with various dental and oral hygiene issues. Talk about the problems that you can solve for your patients. Ultimately, trust-building content will definitely work in your favor to build close relationships with the audience.

Build a Strong Community

It is important for businesses, including dental clinics, to be active in their local community and ensure high engagement with the businesses and people nearby. Some of the most effective ways to build and engage with your community are:

  • Contact the local leaders and offer your services.
  • Consider volunteering at a local non-profit organization.
  • Support other small businesses by collaborating with them and doing cross-promotions.
  • Build strong connections with the wider industry by connecting through social media.
  • Initiate social campaigns to share your knowledge and experience.


Marketing via different channels is important to reach the target audience, and blogging is one the most effective dental marketing methods. You should set up a blog for your dental practice and post regularly to ensure maximum engagement.

Dental blogging is a very broad niche. You can post content about many different topics, such as specific dental procedures, tips to maintain oral hygiene, the latest news about innovations in the dental industry, and many other topics. Whatever topic you choose, make sure you are posting high-quality content regularly.

Create Videos

The importance of adding videos and images to your marketing campaigns cannot be understated. People love marketing campaigns that are authentic and provide them with some kind of value. You should create videos with real people, such as your patients, to build trust in the community. Put up these videos on your website and social media pages to increase conversions.

Run Ad Campaigns

While getting the attention of your target audience through organic traffic is ideal for any business, it is important to note that the internet is full of content that can make it difficult for you to put your business out there.

Therefore, you should consider running ad campaigns on social media and search engines to attract your target audience. Ads can quickly help you in becoming prominent and let the patients in your target area know that you are offering high-quality dental services.

Quick Response

Whenever a potential patient contacts a dental clinic or hospital, they would be expecting quick replies. You should use modern tools, such as AI web chats, to provide quick responses to your target audience.

You should automate the FAQs and their answers, such as the areas in which you operate, opening hours, insurance policy, cost of dental procedures, and other important information. Provide an option of booking the dental service online so that the patients don't have to go through the extensive process of booking an appointment over the phone.

Create and Maintain Google My Business Profile

Having a strong online presence is very important for all types of businesses. It includes making profiles on various platforms, such as social media platforms and Google My Business. Add all of the relevant information in your profile, such as the working hours, phone number, and exact address.

Making your business as accessible as possible will facilitate you in reaching your target audience and impressing them.

Follow a Text Marketing Strategy

Implementing a comprehensive text marketing strategy is vital for businesses to make sure they can connect with their target audience. Most dental practices already have an existing texting system through which they send appointment reminders to patients.

You can take such type of system to the next level by sending updates about your latest blog posts, announcing any new launches, and even offering virtual consultations. Ultimately, utilizing the text marketing channel will help you reach more people.

Focus on Retargeting

Retargeting is a reliable method of brand building and ensuring your audience remains interested in your office. It means when someone visits your website or social media accounts, that person will keep seeing your paid ads. Retargeting is important because studies indicate that most consumers must see an ad multiple times before buying a particular product or service.


Signage and marketing go hand in hand. If your dental practice could use new signage, contact the experts at McNamara Signs in Seattle. We’ve helped countless local dental practices draw in more clients through our professional outdoor signage.

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