We're a locally-owned family business dedicated to making our clients look good and ensuring they get amazing value for their investment.

SInce 1995 we've been working hard to create quality custom signs, vinyl banners, graphics, decals, engraved, large format inkjet prints, dimensional logos and other signs in Seattle.

Why Choose McNamara Signs?

May 23, 2018

Does your old business sign need to be updated or are your window graphics starting to fade? At McNamara Signs we pride ourselves on making custom, quality signs, graphics and banners. Our small business has been servicing the Seattle area for over two decades so we are confident we can help you create the perfect sign for you business needs.

How We Start A Project:

When you choose McNamara, we work with you from start to finish on your custom sign. From concept generation, estimating technical consulting, design rendering, project and production management capabilities, prototyping & consulting, we are working hard every step of the way. If at any point you need to make changes or it may not be what you were expecting, we will help to ensure your sign is perfect.

How We Quote A Project:

Our staff does its best to give you a quote that will match the final total. We collect all the details of the job and project specs to be sure to give you a competitive price.  We archive orders & job specs so you can be assured accurate order reproduction. Our goal is to save you money and realistic expectations.

Our Design Team:

McNamara has a great team of skilled and dedicated designers. Our design team uses a wide range of graphics programs and skill sets to bring your creative vision to life. From matching existing specs to transforming napkin sketches into professional-looking signs, we are here to help our clients look their best. Have an idea that seems impossible to bring to life? Bring it in and our designers will work with you to make it work!

How We Bring Ideas To Life:

Customers always ask how we bring their ideas to life. Our location may seem small but we have plenty of tools we use in the creation process.  These are just a few tools we use to make your design:

15", 30" & 60" Vinyl Plotters

Gerber Edge Thermal Printer

Roland Soljet III XC540 Print/Cut

Seal 62" & Royal Sovereign 60" Laminators

Sewing machine

15"x15" Heat Press

Wood Shop


If you have any questions on our process or what will be used to create your sign, please feel free to ask!

Contact Us!

Take a look at our website to view past projects and explore some of the possibilities. Custom work is a creative process and one of the staff can provide even more info and options. Our sales staff can accept quote requests by phone, fax, email, or please stop in and visit us! We always enjoy meeting our customers.


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