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What Types of Banner Options Exist?

March 04, 2019

In this digital age of LED signs and illuminated displays, many companies and organizations in the Seattle area still opt to advertise their messages with a traditional banner.


The reasons for this tend to vary. Some businesses are looking for a low-cost option to advertise. Others like the versatility that indoor and outdoor banners offer – considering that it’s somewhat challenging to move a bulky digital LED sign from event to event.

Outdoor banners work just as well, if not better, as their expensive electronic counterparts. We’re going to take a look at the top five Seattle banner solutions which will help you determine which one is right for you, your business, or organization.

Teardrop Banners 

Teardrop banners are a favorite, cost-effective option amongst many Seattle small and medium-sized businesses. They’re easy to spot from far away, and their unique shape will cause people on foot and in cars to take notice.

They’re versatile, lightweight, and will last for a long time if properly taken care of. They also break down for easy transport in the backseat of a car and can be stored in a relatively small space such as a closet or cupboard. 

All it takes is the lightest of breezes to cause the teardrop banner to flutter with an eye-catching motion that will attract attention from people nearby. If you don’t have a patch of grass or dirt to mount the banner, you can opt for a teardrop banner stand, which can be used on any flat surface.

Suspended or Hanging Banners

Suspended or hanging banners are designed to get a message out to a broad audience. They work really well at trade shows, farmer’s markets, or any outdoor venue. There are also a wide variety of mounting options such as grommets, mounting brackets, welded hems, or even wall/column mounts. 

You can apply special UV inks to help prevent damage from daily exposure to the sun. Life-like images or vivid graphical designs can also be printed on the banner to increase visibility.

When designing a hanging banner, be sure to take into consideration the desired viewing distance. The general rule of thumb is 1” per every 10’ of viewing distance. Knowing this formula will help you maximize the number of daily views that your hanging banner gets.

Retractable Banners

Retractable banners are great for situations where temporary advertising is needed. Once the event or day is over, simply retract the banner into the stand, and it will easily fit in the back of a passenger car.

Also known as pop-up or roll-up banners, they’re designed with efficiency and compactness in mind. If properly taken care of, they can last for a very long time. Retractable banners take up very little space and can easily fit inside a small closet or another area.

Outdoor/Mesh Banners

Outdoor banners are great for attracting attention at large gatherings of people. They can be designed so that they will not only draw attention from far away but can be left outside once the day is done. Special UV inks ensure that the banner won’t rot or fade in the hot sun.

Mesh banners are great for outdoor advertising in areas where high winds are present. There are thousands of tiny little holes that allow breezes to pass right through, thereby preventing it from getting caught in an updraft and rendered unreadable. 

The holes are only visible upon close inspection. When viewed from a normal distance, they blend right in and don’t have any impact upon visibility.

Step-and-Repeat Banners 

Also known as “backdrop banners,” step-and-repeat banners work well for corporate functions, award shows, and anywhere people are gathering for an event. Companies and organizations will often find third parties to help sponsor the event. In exchange, they will usually have their name printed on the step-and-repeat banner.

These types of banners are also suitable for trade shows, conferences, weddings, and media events. Step-and-repeat banners are often sold as a complete kit. Traditionally, aluminum poles are used to stabilize the rig which allows the entire banner and stand to weigh less than 25lbs. 

Step-and-repeat banners are best used indoors as the weather elements can play a role in lessening their lifespan. Due to the large nature of the banner, winds can blow it over unless it’s secured to the ground. The UV rays from the sun can also weather the inks used on the banner.

Banner Design and Printing in Seattle

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