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Vinyl Wrap Custom Signage Ideas

August 03, 2022

Vinyl wraps are a reliable and quick way of transforming a space such as your storefront or vehicle. They’re cost-effective, easy to apply, and can last a very long time if you perform some simple maintenance.

In addition to wrapping your car or storefront windows, there are a wide variety of other ways you can use vinyl stickers and wraps to promote your products or services. Read on to discover seven outside-the-box ways of using vinyl stickers and wraps to promote your Seattle business.

Office Reception Wall

Decorating an office reception wall with an attractive vinyl wrap is a cost-effective way of decorating your office. Due to their very nature, vinyl stickers are capable of conforming to a curved wall.

A significant benefit of using vinyl wraps on reception walls is that it not only enhances an otherwise blank space but also makes the entire business look attractive to the customers when they walk into the reception area. This translates to a solid first impression.

There is no one specific type of vinyl wrap that you can use on a reception wall. It can vary from a simple message to a complex design that displays your business logo and the company brand. You can even showcase some of your main products or services at the entrance of your business.

Or create an informative timeline from when your business was founded to the present day.

Golf Club Bag and Golf Cart

Generally speaking, you’ll often find many business owners playing hookey from work to get in a quick 9 or 18 holes at the golf course. If you run a B2B business, put a few vinyl stickers on your golf bag and cart. You never know who might see them.

If you plan on sponsoring a golf tournament, consider wrapping a golf cart with vinyl. McNamara Signs in Seattle can custom wrap a golf cart that will promote your business, products, or services to all who see it. Think of how many pictures tournament attendees will post to their social media accounts…

Family RV

Got an RV that you do (or don’t use)? Consider adding a vinyl wrap when you take your next road trip. A recreational vehicle is a massive blank canvas that’s perfect for creating a wrap that promotes your company or organization.

If you have no intention of taking that gas guzzler out on the road, try to find somewhere (legal) to park it so that your newly wrapped RV will be seen by the thousands of Seattle commuters who drive by daily.

Break Room Graphics

Company break rooms provide a temporary escape from the challenging daily work routine. For the mental well-being of your employees, make your break room as relaxing as possible.

You can add everything from motivational quotes to relaxing outdoor scenes that temporarily provide your workers with a small respite from the daily hustle and bustle of office life.

Boat Vinyl Wrap

Wrap that boat! In addition to promoting your business to everyone who sees you on the high seas, it will also act as a billboard when docked in the harbor. Depending on where you moor it, you can turn your boat into a canvas that advertises your products and services to people passing by who are on their way to a nearby restaurant.

Business Electronics

Putting custom wraps on gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers is another great way of marketing your business. You can add important information such as your company’s logo, QR Code, and website on these gadgets.

You can also wrap company business electronics for your sales reps. It’s a cheap and effective way to advertise your company when your employees are working outside of the office.

Or consider getting a vehicle magnet that sales reps can put on before the day begins and take off once they go home from work.

Outside Wall Wraps

Yes, you can get your building wrapped. While it depends on the substrate (vinyl has a slightly challenging time adhering permanently to bumpy surfaces such as bricks), you can most likely cover the entire side of your office building. Assuming it’s not breaking your lease, an outdoor vinyl building wrap will generate a ton of interest and more than a few lookie-loos.

Seattle Vinyl Sign Shop

Since it is easy to customize vinyl wraps and signage, there are countless ways that you can use them to promote your business. Let the experts at McNamara Signs help you design, create, and install the perfect vinyl sign or car wrap that will help drive new business through your front doors. To learn more about how we can help, give us a call at (206) 284-0809 or contact us via our website.

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