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5 Trade Show Ideas to Make Your Booth Stand Out

June 03, 2019

Designing an effective trade show booth that generates lots of foot traffic is all about getting the curb appeal just right. Long gone are the days of throwing a branded blanket over a folding table and hoping for the best.

From custom-made booths to traditional pop up displays, there are a wide variety of options available that will make a huge impact and won’t cause you to go over budget.

Here are five trade show ideas that you can use individually or combine to create the ultimate display that will help your booth stand out from the rest of the pack and drive new leads and sales.

Traditional Pop Up Display

Pop Up Displays are the cornerstone of any effective trade show booth. They’re tall enough to where they can stand out from the other side of the convention hall yet are lightweight enough that a single person can set up them up in just a few minutes.

They come in various configurations and are constructed around a sturdy wire frame with a printed canvas stretched over it. Pop up displays give off the appearance of a solid wall and can help fill up huge spatial gaps on the trade show floor. They also have many custom options, such as:

•    Custom graphics

•    Lighting

•    Shapes

•    Podiums

•    Shelves

Due to advances in printer technology and inks, you can have visually stunning graphics printed on the canvas that will attract attention from far and wide. Once the show is over, the entire display is quick to disassemble and will easily store in a storage closet until it’s needed again.

Tabletop Display

Tabletop displays are little pop up displays that are intended to reside on top of a table. Depending on how they’re configured, they usually come with a sturdy wire frame that has printed canvas stretched over it. It creates for a 3-dimensional centerpiece that can turn an ordinary conference table into a focal point of gathering.

Tabletop displays are great for people and companies on a budget because they make a huge visual impact. You can take the display one step further by adding an LED backlight which shines through the fabric onto the screen. 

Full-Color Backdrop Banner 

A full-color backdrop banner is the best way to grab the attention of anyone within a few hundred feet of your booth at a trade show. Standing at nearly 6’ tall, its sheer size commands attention and lets everyone know exactly who and where you are.  

The entire apparatus is securely held together with clamps and other safety hardware. When it comes time to pack it up, it folds up nicely into a compact carrying case that you can store in a closet or garage. If someone accidentally spills a drink on it, you can safely wash the canvas in cold water.

Retractable Banner

When it comes to setting up a trade show display, nobody wants to spend a few hours trying to figure out how to put it all together. Retractable banners offer an easy and cost-effective way to showcase a stunningly beautiful full-color display that looks professional and sets up in a matter of a few minutes. 

As their name implies, retractable banners retract into a metal carrying case that’s lightweight enough to sling across your shoulder and carry to the trunk of your car. The metal case also doubles as an aesthetically pleasing and sturdy stand.

Traditional Banner

Sometimes you’re on a budget and have to make do with what you can. In situations like this, a traditional banner is a great way to stretch your budget while at the same time capturing the attention of anyone within visual line of sight.

The best way to draw attention to your booth with a traditional banner is to attach four metal grommets and then string it up 8’ to 10’ in the air so that people can see it from the other side of the hall. 

Some companies will opt for a circular banner which gets strung up from the ceiling via very thin wires. For an additional “wow” factor, you can have interior LED lights and a spinning motor added which will provide depth and animation to the display.

Trade Show Booths and Banners in Seattle

Custom trade show booths and banners are a great way to attract attention and draw in the crowds. If you or your organization needs a custom banner, booth, or display designed or printed up, give us a call at (206) 284-0809 or contact us via our website.

At McNamara Signs, we’ve been helping Seattle businesses and organizations with their trade show and sign needs for well over ten years. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll help you create a memorable and highly effective trade show booth!

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