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Tips to Help Your Seattle Business Move to a New Location

February 03, 2022

It often feels like a juggling act when it comes time to move your Seattle business to a new location. IT, phones, décor, and office furniture are just a few of the many things you’ll need to take into consideration. 

Many businesses often neglect the most important thing when they move—their customers.

How do you inform people that you’ve moved? Consider yourself lucky if you send out an email blast and 10% of the list sees the email—and remembers the address of your new location.

Read on to learn more about how to make the entire moving process go as smoothly as possible while ensuring past, present, and future customers know of your new location.  

Inform Everyone Early

While your business may be extremely important to you and your employees—your customers and the general public are often very busy, and the fact that you’re moving is but a tiny blip on their proverbial daily radar. 

This is why it’s essential to put up moving signage as early as possible. Indoor and outdoor banners are the first step in getting the word out. Inform your customers that you’re moving on “X” date and provide them with the address of your new location.

Direct mail and email campaigns can also serve as reminders. Consider having a “moving sale” and offering a small discount or another perk to your loyal customers via the direct mailer. 

The Day You Reopen

Outdoor flags and other temporary exterior signage will help get the word out. It’s advisable to leave the signage up for at least a month so that everyone knows that you moved. 

Yard signs and window graphics are especially helpful, and they will let pedestrians and vehicle traffic know of your new location. On opening day, you can pass out branded company swag—don’t forget to put your new address on the promotional items!

Consider the Interior Signage

Don’t forget about your new interior office signs. Regardless of whether you’re a restaurant or a real estate company, you’ll need signage for your doors, in the lobby, and to decorate the interior of your new office.

The interior décor of your new place is also important. A few months before your move, place your signage orders and install them before the actual move date, and this will eliminate one more potential disruption. 

Your Marketing Materials

Keep in mind that the day you move into your new location, all your printed marketing materials become outdated. Business cards, sell sheets, sales brochures—you name it. Before you rush into placing an order with your local print shop, take a few minutes to audit your printed marketing materials.

In addition to having the address of your new location, is the information contained within your printed marketing materials still relevant and up to date? Do you have your website and social media channels listed somewhere? What about your phone numbers?

Your Former Location

If your old landlord allows it, consider adding temporary exterior signage at your old location. You can add a few signs in the old parking lot and even window graphics letting people know your new address.

Consider creating a landing page on your company website with the details of your move. You can then add a QR code to your signage to take people directly to Apple Maps or Google Maps when they scan it with their cell phones.

Your Website and Social Media Channels

Don’t forget to update your website—have your webmaster add a prominent banner across the top of your website that lets everyone know of your upcoming move. The same advice goes for your social media channels. 

Start early—give people at least a month’s notice on your website and social media channels. This will allow them enough time to see the message and write down your new address.

Don’t forget to update your Google My Business profile information. Doing so will update the Google search results and Google Maps when people perform an online search for your business. 

Finally, don’t forget to ask your employees to update any online communications (such as email signatures) with news of your move and your new address. This way, you’ve got all your bases covered, and eventually, things will go back to business as usual.

Seattle Indoor and Outdoor Signage

Let’s face it—moving your office or business is a royal pain. Having proper indoor and outdoor signage can help lessen the stress by letting as many people know of your upcoming move.

At McNamara Signs, we’ve helped countless Seattle businesses and organizations design, create, and install the perfect event sign. To learn more about how we can help, call us at (206) 284-0809 or contact us via our website.

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