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5 Tips to Creating the Perfect Business Sign

May 23, 2016

Your business’ signage and graphics can sometimes mean the difference between making or loosing a sale.  What does your business’ sign say about your business?  Is your signage helping you or hurting you?  Promoting your business with signs, banners or posters is one of the most economical ways to reach the greatest number of potential customers.  Read here our 5 tips to creating the perfect sign for your business.

Have an eye-catching design.  Use bold and unique graphics with colors that pop.  Potential customers will view a sign or graphic for only a few seconds before moving on, so have something attractive and easy to read quickly.   

Readability is a must.  Use letters and fonts that are easy to read.  Use contrasting colors so that the text is readable, for example using white text on a dark background is much easier to read than orange text on a red background.  Also, make sure your sign is well-lit so that passers-by can easily read your sign in the evening or at night.

Be concise.  Your message should be short and to the point and contain clear language.  Your business’ message or offering should be boiled down to a single thought, and communicated in a few, simple words.  Your potential customers are busy – your signage should be easy for them to read and understand at a glance.

Include a call to action.  A “call to action” is the thing you want your potential customer to do,  it’s text that prompts your customer to take action.  Whether it’s “Call Now” or “Stop In Today” or “Download Your Coupon”,  you’ll want to let your customers know how best to reach you.  Be sure to include your phone number, address, email or website URL if that’s how you want people to contact you.  

Work with an expert, like McNamara Signs, to help you walk through the process of creating a customized and attention-grabbing sign.  We can guide you though the process - from sign design to choosing the materials best suited for your location - to ensure a well-executed business sign design.

Having a unique, eye-catching and easy to read sign is a necessity when it comes to running a successful business. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners are unsure how to go about choosing the right sign for their business. Our tips here hopefully will help you create a perfect business sign, one that will help you increase you business sales or services.  

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