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Social Distancing Signs to Help Your Seattle Business

May 01, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a new way of life and living upon Seattle businesses and residents. What we used to take for granted—such as walking into a local brick-and-mortar store—is no longer the reality.

This “new social norm” has created some unique challenges for Seattle companies. As social distancing is now required, businesses are scrambling to find ways to serve clients and customers while at the same time providing them with a safe space to do so.

We want to share with you five ideas that can help your Seattle business manage the crowds, improve public safety, and even drive new business through your front doors despite the economic downturn.

Outdoor Banners

If you’re like most Seattle businesses, you’re probably experiencing a downturn in sales. An outdoor banner is a great way to let street traffic know that you’re still open for business. They large in size and can be viewed from a far-off distance. If wind is a concern, you can have a mesh banner created. It consists of thousands of tiny holes that allow breezes to pass through thereby preventing the banner from flapping in the wind. 

You can choose from the traditional banner and one of several mounting options, such as wires, grommets, heavy-duty Velcro, or one that mounts on a light pole. Large-format banners that are upwards of 100’ long and 6’ tall work especially well on storefronts and other areas to drive new foot traffic to your business.

Outdoor banners are weather and UV-resistant, and they come in a wide variety of options and vivid colors. When you want to attract the most eyeballs possible, there’s no better option than an outdoor banner from McNamara Signs!

Floor Graphics

Floor graphics can help improve both public health and safety by giving your customers clear-cut directions on how to queue for lines while remaining at a safe distance. The same goes for businesses that are open, but not to the general public. Offices and warehouses can ensure employee safety by coming up with a COVID-19 safety plan and then implementing the social distancing policies via floor graphics.

You can choose from indoor, outdoor, temporary, or permanent floor graphics. They’re made out of a heavy-duty vinyl that can stand up to intense foot and vehicle traffic. Outdoor floor graphics can have a UV-resistant finish applied to them, which will keep them looking new as the day you installed them.

Wayfinding & Directional Signage

Wayfinding signage can help restaurants and grocery stores safely direct both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. This works exceptionally well for online ordering and in-car pickups. You can have a few signs printed up that display the parking spot and phone number to call once they arrive.

Perhaps your business now has a long line of drive-up customers. The parking lot outside your business was not designed to handle or adequately direct traffic flow of this nature. You can help improve the customer experience by clearly marking which way the traffic is supposed to go and where cars need to queue up. 

Sandwich Signs

Also known as A-frame signs, they can serve as a reminder to let people know you’re still open for business, or you can use them as temporary traffic control devices. Many Seattle restaurants who are offering drive-up or drive-through services will have 3-4 sandwich signs that prominently display the menu for ease of ordering.

You can choose from a wide variety of materials such as wood, metal, chalk, and magnetic boards. They’re durable and can stand up to anything that Mother Nature can throw at them. Best of all, when the business day is over, they fold up compact and are light and small enough for just one person to move. 

Window Graphics

Window graphics are another great way to let vehicles and pedestrians alike know that you’re still open for business. They can also provide critical business information such as new operating hours, website addresses, or any promotions that you’re currently running. 

The graphics themselves are made out of a special vinyl material, which won’t mar or scratch your storefront windows. This makes them ideal for businesses whose leases are strict regarding signage and modifications. They’re easy to clean and even easier to remove. You can also reposition them as many times as you like without damaging the graphic or the window.

McNamara Signs in Seattle

At McNamara Signs, we’re working with local businesses to provide them with the signage they need to help ensure public safety while driving new foot traffic through their front doors. 

We realize this is an unprecedented time—we’re open and here to serve your signage needs. Give us a call today at (206) 284-0809 or contact us via our website. To learn more about how we can help with ideas, design, creation, and installation of your new sign. 

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