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Seattle Temporary Event Signs

February 03, 2020

On any given day, there are numerous Seattle events taking place throughout the city. From craft beer festivals to local art shows, Seattleites love to get out and experience all that this great city has to offer. 

Temporary event signs play an essential role in the success of any event. They safely direct traffic, provide wayfinding directions, and help ensure that the day or evening goes off without a hitch.

If your business or organization is planning an upcoming event in Seattle, here are five great temporary event sign ideas for your consideration:

Exterior Temporary Signs 

Professionally designed temporary event signs are built to withstand both the crowds and the elements. If properly maintained, you can re-use them over and over again, as they will only require a quick cleaning with a wet rag. 

Thanks to our state-of-the-art printers, your signs can be printed in stunning detail and colors. Special inks and materials will help ensure that they won’t sustain damage from being out in the sun or wind.

They’re incredibly versatile as there are a wide variety of mounting options to choose from. You can attach them to an orange safety cone, mount them on a metal frame, or securely attach them to the wall. 

A-Frame Signs

A-boards, or A-frame signs, offer a lightweight and portable way of display information to both drivers and pedestrians. You can use them to direct traffic in the parking lot, or strategically set them up throughout the event to provide wayfinding directions.

They’re available in a wide variety of sizes and can be constructed out of one of several materials, such as plastic or metal. Compared to other types of signs, A-frames are cost-affordable and can be re-used over and over again. 

If the weather elements are a concern, we can add weight to your A-frame sign so that it won’t topple over in an errant gust of wind. We can also use UV-resistant inks that won’t fade or crack under the hot Seattle sun.

Window and Vinyl Graphics

Window graphics are easily installed and offer an affordable way to display important information such as payment options, event info, and contact information. They’re highly customizable, and you have your choice of one of several different custom films

Thanks to our large format printers, we can create almost any size graphic you can imagine. We also offer many unique custom semi-transparent films, such as one that looks and acts just like frosted glass!

Vinyl graphics are another cost-effective way of advertising your event or providing information. You can install them almost anywhere, and they won’t damage or mar the surface once you remove them. A vast selection of colors and design options will help ensure that they look amazing and match up well with your branding. 

Temp Parking Signs

Seattle events tend to attract huge crowds of people. This tends to cause unforeseen traffic jams, and that can harm both attendance and the happiness of those trying to find a parking space.

We can help you scope out, design, and build the perfect parking signs that will help ensure that people can get in and out of the event without a hitch. You can choose from an A-frame sign to a stand-alone parking sign that has a frame and weighted bottom.

Directional Wayfinding Signage

Once people are out of their cars and at the event, you’ll probably want to provide them with wayfinding information, such as bathroom locations, emergency information, and directions to the various venues. This can help improve their experience and ensure good traffic flow.

Banner signs are a great way of providing directional and wayfinding information. They have multiple mounting options to choose from, such as mounting them on a wall or suspending them in the air via a sturdy rope or cable. 

Seattle Temporary Signage

If your upcoming Seattle event needs temporary signage, let the experts at McNamara Signs help you design, create, and install the perfect A-frame, banner, or other sign that will help ensure your event is a success.

We’ve helped countless Seattle businesses and organizations design, create, and install the perfect event sign. To learn more about how we can help, give us a call at (206) 284-0809 or contact us via our website. 

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