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5 Reasons Why You Should Use an Outdoor Banner

October 03, 2019

While online advertising is all the rage nowadays, many Seattle businesses are rediscovering the benefits of an outdoor banner. By their very nature, they are large in size and hard to miss. They’re designed to grab attention from people near and far.

An outdoor banner can not only help drive new foot traffic to your business or event, but also provides a very high ROI when compared to traditional paid online advertising. We want to share with you the top 5 reasons why more and more local businesses are starting to use outdoor banners to their advantage. 

State-of-the-Art Digital Printers 

Back in the old days, an outdoor banner was nothing more than some lettering coupled with a few low-res images. Thanks to advances in computer and printing technology, sign companies like McNamara Signs can create stunningly beautiful banners with life-like images and sharp text.

Your imagination is the only limit when it comes time to design your banner. You can add any image or photo you like and thanks to the state-of-the-art inks used in the manufacturing process, the images will look vivid and sharp. 

Faster Turn Around Time 

When compared to traditional signage, outdoor banners take much less time to create than say a 3-dimensional LED sign that requires it to be securely mounted. This means you can place a last-minute order and still have your banner ready in time for an upcoming event.

If you’re InDesign and Photoshop skills aren’t up to par, McNamara Signs can help you with the design process. Our expert designers will sit down with you and help create the perfect outdoor banner that will help promote your business or organization.

Reach a Wider Audience 

Depending on where you display it, an outdoor banner can have tens of thousands of views in a single day. A few years ago, Forbes wrote an article that stated that around 71% of people often look at messages on roadside signs. Paid online advertising cannot compete with the cost-per-impression that an outdoor banner gets daily. 

If you’re trying to attract as much attention as possible, keep in mind that the size of your lettering will determine how far away people can read it. When designing your banner, the general rule of thumb is that your lettering should be one inch (72 pt.) tall for every 10 feet of viewing distance.

Banners Come in All Sizes

The traditional shape of an outdoor banner is rectangular, with the length being longer than the height. Thanks to wide format digital printers, you can create a banner that is taller than it is wider. This allows you to hang them in unique places such as from the roof of a building, or even on the sides of a light pole.

Many cities and universities will opt to have a smaller version of a banner created, much like the one in the below picture. There are a wide variety of safe and secure mounting options that will allow it to remain in the same place for many months at a time and stand up to the elements such as snow, high winds, and rain.

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