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Promote Your Seattle School Events with Outdoor Signage

September 01, 2021

Seattle schools are now back in session—and that means fundraisers, sporting events, and other campus activities that administrators and students would like to promote. The key to successfully promoting your school events is through a professionally designed sign from McNamara Signs.

While the student-made banners may look cute, they often have the opposite intended effect of attracting attention. Wrong kerning, small letter size compared to viewing distance, and poor call-to-actions are all common mistakes that students and faculty make when designing their own sign.

Read on to learn more about five professionally designed signs to help your Seattle school promote your activities and events to the students, faculty, and the community.


Outdoor banners are one of the most popular school signs out there. They’re large, colorful, and can be seen from far away. Choose from a wide variety of hanging options, including wire, grommets, and heavy-duty Velcro. 

Thanks to the state-of-the-art large format printers at McNamara Signs, we can create almost any size outdoor banner. Our in-house graphic designers can help you select the right imagery to make the most significant impact.

Many schools will hang their outdoor banners on a fence that faces street traffic. On any given school day, the banner can generate tens of thousands of potential impressions. If the wind is a concern, we can create a mesh banner with thousands of tiny little holes that allow the breeze to pass harmlessly through.


Also known as a sandwich sign, an A-board is ideal for areas that receive a lot of foot traffic—such as the school auditorium or gated entrances. You can opt for a wide variety of colors and custom finishes, such as UV-resistant inks. Choose from one of many different materials such as chalkboard, dry-erase, or corkboard.

Many schools will use A-board to inform students and faculty of upcoming events or to display important reminders, such as wearing a mask while in class. You can also use it to promote traffic safety and wayfinding in the school parking lot. At the end of the day, the A-board is small and lightweight enough for someone to fold it up and put it inside for safe storage.

Yard Signs

Traditionally thought of as a “realtor’s sign,” yard signs are appearing on more Seattle school campuses than ever. Fundraising events, registration reminders, and upcoming activities are just a few of the countless activities you can promote with a yard sign.

Our high-quality lawn signs come in a wide variety of sizes, vibrant colors, and can be single or double-sided. Extremely lightweight and easy to set up and move, they’re ideal for all-weather applications year-round. 

Many middle and high schools will allow their students to post yard signs on campus when class elections come around. The signs will serve as a constant reminder to fellow students: “Make the school year awesome” or “Vote for Susie!”

Architecture and Monuments

Let faculty, students, and parents alike know they have arrived with an architecture or monument sign that displays your school branding, logo, and colors. Our in-house signage department can create a wide range of free-standing signs or can be mounted onto the side of a building.

At McNamara Signs, we’ve been helping Seattle schools for over 20 years with their signage needs. If you’re unsure what kind or type of sign you’d like, one of our experts will sit down with you and go over the available options.

Some schools will commission a large, life-size monument to promote their school mascot. We can create it out of a wide range of materials, including various metals. There are many mounting or installing options, including having a custom base that’s securely anchored to the ground. 

Office/Lobby Signs

Many Seattle-area schools have old, rusting, or antiquated office/lobby signs. In addition to the poor first impression, they can also cause students and visitors to get confused and/or lost.

A professionally designed office/lobby sign will help promote congruity and give your faculty and students yet another reason to be proud of their school. McNamara Signs can create a wide variety of office/lobby signs, including:

  • Reception signs
  • Door signs
  • Nameplates
  • ADA compliance signage
  • Directories
  • Stairwell signs
  • & Many more!

School Sign Design and Creation in Seattle

Having proper school signage is key to ensuring the safety and comfort of all those who work and visit your school. If you’re unsure as to what kind of signage or design will work best, give the experts at McNamara Signs a call.

Our expert in-house designers will sit down with you and create the perfect indoor or outdoor sign for your Seattle school. To learn more about how McNamara Signs can produce and design your next project, give us a call at (206) 284-0809 or send us an email.

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