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Advantages of Updating Your Seattle Condo & Apartment Signage

October 01, 2021

When was the last time you took a good look at the signage that powers your condo or apartment community? Far too often, property owners and management companies take outdoor signage for granted. 

Thanks in part to the wet climate and cold winters, the lifespan of an outdoor apartment or condo sign can be significantly shorter than those located in milder climates. 

Read on to learn more about the unique advantages you’ll get from updating the signage outside of your Seattle condo or apartment community.

Improved Branding

In addition to online reviews, landscaping, and overall cleanliness of the area, the signage in and outside your apartment or condo community is a direct reflection of your branding. 

If your current signage doesn’t reflect your branding, it may cause people to look elsewhere for housing, suggesting that the community isn’t run very well. Your branding could have changed over the years, and if your current signage isn’t congruent, it could create a sense of confusion in prospective tenants.

Conveys Status

There are countless luxury apartment and condo communities in Seattle. These residents are looking for the ultimate living experience, and your indoor/outdoor signage plays an important role. 

To better serve this demographic, you can enhance your current signage with lighting, increased sizes, and landscaping options to provide both tenants and prospects with a feeling that they have finally arrived at their new and exclusive home.

Improved Visibility

Over time, the harsh UV rays of the sun can wreak havoc upon the paint of your outdoor sign and turn it into a faded shade of light yellow. Dirt, grime, and even air pollution will settle upon the sign and start to chemically eat away at the coloring.

Outdoor signage from McNamara Signs will offer improved visibility to pedestrians and vehicle traffic who are looking for a new place to call home. We can also incorporate weather and UV-resistant inks and materials to help ensure your new sign looks as good as new for many decades to come.

Great First Impressions

“Curb appeal” doesn’t exclusively apply to new home buyers—many prospective tenants will have initial first impressions when it comes to the exterior of your buildings. 

If your outdoor signage is damaged or dirty, it could suggest that the apartments or condos you have for rent are just as grubby. 

People also tend to subconsciously notice the condition of other forms of signage, such as faded or chipped door numbering and gym signage. It’s essential to take inventory of your current apartment or condo signage and determine if it’s finally time to replace them.

Compliance with Regulations

The City of Seattle and other regulatory agencies have strict rules in place that govern the placing of signage. For example, you must have certain types of signage that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Failure to comply can result in stiff penalties and fines.

Good apartment or condo signage goes far beyond getting in compliance with various regulations—they also offer your elderly and disabled tenants an improved quality of life through signage that’s easily visible and clearly marked.

Follow Trends

When it comes to the color and design of your signs, it pays to follow current trends. The signage you have out front of your apartments may look brand new, but the style and design could scream, “this place hasn’t been updated since the 1990s!” Keeping your signage up-to-date with modern design trends will help keep your building looking fresh and desirable to prospective tenants

Provide a Sense of Community

People nowadays want to feel like they belong to something special—a community where they can envision themselves living for many decades to come. You can help create a sense of community by strategically adding new signage throughout your property.

Wayfinding signage can help accomplish this by providing residents with a sense of internal safety. Look for areas on your property that aren’t clearly marked or where people are having trouble finding on their own. Something as simple as a sign with an arrow pointing to the leasing or security office can add tremendous value to your complex.

Condo and Sign Design and Printing in Seattle

Having proper apartment and condo signage is key to improving the happiness of your tenants and the bottom line of your business. If you’re unsure as to precisely what kind of signs you’ll need, give the experts at McNamara Signs a call.

McNamara Signs has been creating apartment signs and condo signs for Seattle customers for over 20 years.  We offer high-quality indoor signs at affordable prices with a fast turnaround.  Our expert in-house designers will sit down with you and create the perfect indoor or outdoor sign for your Seattle apartment or condo. 

To learn more about how McNamara Signs can produce and design your next project, give us a call at (206) 284-0809 or send us an email

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