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Benefits of Fresh Window Graphics

June 17, 2018

Is your old window graphic starting to fade or peel? Summer is around the corner and it’s time to update your old window graphics with McNamara Signs. An updated and fresh window graphic can make your business feel like new and draw potential customers in.

Inexpensive Advertising

Think of the busy streets of Seattle and how many people pass your business daily. McNamara's window graphics are an inexpensive way to attract potential new customers on the street. They serve as a creative way to display who you are, what you sell and current promotions, & promotes word-of-mouth advertising within your community.

Create a Better View

If the windows of your business or retail space overlook dumpsters, fences or alleys, you can simply add a window graphic over your windows to help hide those unseemly views from your customers. Adding window graphics not only lighten up the space, but they can divert attention away from a busy street or back alley, and bring the focus on what’s beautifully displayed inside.  

Avoid City Permit

Did you know, when you want to put up a sign, sidewalk sign or banner, many cities limit the size or require purchase of a permit in Seattle? Breaking these regulations can result in unnecessary fines. Business windows often have no limits or restrictions, so take advantage by using window graphics to save time and money.

Increase Your Brand Awareness

An eye-catching window graphic will grab people’s attention and help your business build brand recognition. Your company name should be at the top of your customers’ minds, so it is important that you display it in prominent places.

Pique Curiosity

Window graphics can actually pique curiosity. If a potential customer is intrigued by your window graphics, but can’t see straight into your shop, they might make the extra step to walk into your store to see what you have to offer.

Excellent Use of Blank Spaces

Consider the fact that your windows are indeed prime real estate in Seattle. They are spaces that belong to your property that are, all too often, kept bare. By utilizing those blank spaces to advertise your brand, you maximize your opportunities to grow your brand. Window graphics and lettering are well known for their ability to turn heads. This solution is known for drawing more customers in.

Promote Sales & Offers

Give your marketing an extra boost with window graphics to promote special offers and promotions. Utilize window graphics to tie into your digital marketing as well. Be sure to use pertinent hashtags, handles and other social media channel URLs to entice customers to engage with you online, too.

If you’re sold on the idea of new window graphics from McNamara Signs, give us a call today!

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